Brian Hawkes Soars in Many Fields

Posted On: 05/18/2015

Brian Hawkes, the greatest champion of Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame, is noteworthy in two other sports. In 1999 Guinness declared him the "Fittest Man Alive" after a grueling 24-hour multi-sport marathon that smashed the old record. Brian swam, rowed, biked, ran and performed nine other events nonstop for 24 hours. It's confirmed by the plaque I saw on his den wall plus by searching Guinness Record's at: 

Hawkes won by 10 miles running, 5 miles walking, 10 miles hiking, 5 miles kayaking, 110 miles cycling, 5 miles rowing, 1000 abdominal crunches, 1200 jumping jacks, 1000 leg lifts, 1000 push-ups, 10 miles "skiing" on a Nordic track, 4 km swimming, power lifting a combined total 45,425 kg [100,145 lb]. All in 24 hours!

tried it because I thought I could break the old record,’ he told me yesterday over a Paul Bunyan breakfast for each of us of nine egg whites and a quart of oatmeal. That brought up his other record. Brian is a champion eater, as documented by National Enquirer. He ate 100 sushi followed by Tommy Burgers in front of the camera.

While I stayed with Hawkes last week and spoke to his Huntington Beach, CA high school analytical calculus classes about the math of adventure travel, he rode his bike an hour to work, played squash, and then rode home claiming he was starving. His squash game is excellent, and he moves better than many pros. In racquetball he is legend with 20 Outdoor Open Singles titles spanning three decades from 1981 to 2007. In Indoor racquet ball, he was ranked #7 on the pro tour.

high school classes that I spoke to were surprised to hear their teacher had so many records besides the ‘Teacher of the Year’. ‘He looks so much like Clark Kent,’ they said.