WOR Investigation and Response to CT Tournament

Posted On: 07/17/2015

WOR Games – June 6th 2015
George Force Memorial Park
279 Woodend Rd Stratford, Connecticut
Stratford, CT 06615

Concerns raised by participants:
1 - Prize money offered for 2nd place finishers but not paid
2 - Tournament Director profited significantly from the event proceeds and did not pay adequate prize money

WOR Investigation and Response:

1 - Prize money offered for 2nd place finishers –

WOR found in reviewing all information on entries, R2, Facebook, interviewing the event director, other WOR Directors at the event, and interviewing additional participants, that no evidence that “Cash Prizes” were offered to 2nd place finishers in any division at this event. WOR further asked anyone with evidence to the contrary to step forward and provide for our review. No evidence of the same has been received to date.

As a good faith gesture only, because of any confusion or misunderstanding by the participants, WOR is offering to pay the entry for the 2nd place finishers to the next event run by Jonathan Vera. The list of 2nd place finishers is below.

Open Doubles 2nd : William Rolon / Nelson Deida
Mixed Open 2nd : William Rolon / Maira Ramos
A Doubles 2nd : Susan Stephen / Jasmine Suarez

2 - Tournament Director profited significantly from the event proceeds and did not pay adequate prize money

WOR reviewed the tournament budget and found that the event director lost $218.50 in running the event. See detailed line item budget below:

Budget allotment:
Cash prizes - $400.00
Pizza - $250.00
Breakfast - $80.00
Shirts - $230.00
Late permit charge ( Stratford ) late venue change - $75.00
Hartford unused permit - $50.00 – City Reimbursed
Beverages ( 250+ waters & 150+ gatorades ) - $175.00
WOR Memberships - $124.00
Paper goods ( plates, trash bags, cups, ice, napkins,) - $25.00
Mike P Comped - $75.00
Jim Bove Comped - $35.00
Jonathan Vera Comped - $35.00
Edwin Viera Comped - $35.00
Julio Irizarry Comped - $35.00
Paul Dingwitz Comped - $60.00
Andrey Bondarenko $75.00 entry comp including WOR membership
Sanctioning fee - $38.50
R2 fees - $41.00 ( overpayment of $3.00 )

Total - $1,788.50

Total cash received $1,570.00

Total Profit/Loss  -$218.50

WOR investigated this matter because we believe the concerns voiced by participants of the event should be taken seriously and due diligence was required to reach a conclusion and response about the concerns. WOR has a responsibility to its members and participants to ensure we encourage and mentor new event directors to constantly improve the number and quality of events. When issues or concerns are brought forward, we need to listen, understand, and ultimately grow from each situation. WOR investigated and verified the facts about the 2nd place cash prize allegations and the tournament budget, and thought it was important to share with the public. We thank Jonathan Vera for his efforts to grow the sport, and encourage him to run more WOR events, as we do all new event directors.