Special Singles Rules

Quadrant Serving Rules:

 -Upon start of any game, or any side out, the server may choose either the left or right quadrant for his/her respective first serve. After any first point is scored, the server must follow the next serve in the opposite quadrant. The server continues to alternate quadrants until there is a side out, or the end of the game.

-Any serve which strikes the center line on the serve is considered a good serve. Should this occur, the next serve should be served to the left side.

 - If ball is struck in the air on return of serve, referee will decide which side it most likely would have landed.

Service Side Lines:

For singles play, service side lines will be in effect.  A legal serve must land inside the service lines, located 18 inches inside the side line.  A ball that hits any part of the Service Side line is considered in.  Service side lines only come into play on serve.

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