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Hall of Fame Criteria

1) Anyone may submit one qualified candidate's name annually to the “World Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame" (WORHOF) utilizing the procedures listed below. Hall of Fame candidates must be 25 years of age, from any country, and cannot include the WOR Executive Director, the WOR National Director or World Outdoor Hall of Fame committee members until 3 years after retirement from these positions. Candidates who have excelled as players may be nominated while they are still playing competitively (although pro players will normally be considered only after the conclusion of their professional careers). A person may not self-nominate. Candidates and persons doing the submissions do not have to be members of WOR and nominees can be from any era of racquetball.

2) The World Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame “WORHOF” shall select only those “outdoor” candidates who have shown outstanding athletic performance, contributions, innovations, and leadership over time including legendary pros, amateur players, age and juniors division participants in the categories of singles, doubles or mixed doubles. WORHOF will also consider “hybrid” candidates who have excelled in two or more areas (e.g. competition and leadership). WORHOF will not show any preference to a candidate’s geographic location and will treat all types of outdoor racquetball equally (e.g. 1 wall, 3 wall, short, long-wall, etc).

3) A 2/3 majority vote from the hall of fame committee is necessary for induction. The WORHOF committee itself also has the discretion to nominate/elect any qualified candidate at any time.

4) The WORHOF Committee is non-political and will base its decisions entirely on the objective measures of validity and the quality of each candidate including, but not limited to superior athletic accomplishments, and/or extraordinary contributions to the sport, and/or breakthrough technological innovations over time, and/or innovators or leaders who have changed the sport and/or left their undeniable imprint on the sport. Inductees shall be selected on racquetball merits alone-not on their likeability, personality, or character since this is subjective. For example, we are looking for performance over personality.

5) All nominees are to be nominated without regard to any specific category or classification (e.g. pro, amateur, singles, doubles, technology, junior division participant or contributor). The committee will also consider “hybrid” candidates who are chosen for their combined athletic and/or leadership contributions.

6) WORHOF nominations will only be accepted from August 1st to December 31st each calendar year. Elections are held once a year after January 1st after all of the nominees have been considered by the WORHOF Committee.

7) The following items must be included for the nomination to be considered complete:
a) "Completion of the WORHOF Committee “Nomination Form for the World Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame (WORHOF)”; as part of the application, at the bottom, the applicant and nominee (whenever possible) must sign and date the form, ensuring that the potential nominee, if voted into WORHOF, will accept the nomination.
b) Nomination forms may include up to two additional pages of pertinent information (pictures or articles or additional items as listed in the application).

8) In January of each year, during a conference call, the WORHOF Committee will discuss and determine the final list of candidates and then create a final ballot of qualified candidates. Then, by March 31st of each year, WORHOF committee members will be allowed to vote from the approved list of candidates. Finally, the WORHOF committee will tabulate the WORHOF membership votes and announce its selection to the public.

9) The WORHOF committee reserves to right to select any number of candidates for vote at any time. All candidates and nominees will be notified as to the status by the WOR Chairman. Our committee will usually only allow a candidate to be nominated one time unless the candidate continues to excel in a way that substantially alters their past application. Our goal is to review each application correctly the first time so that all outstanding candidates are inducted on their first and only attempt. On occasion, when numerous qualified candidates are submitted in the same year, our committee will ”hold over” the application to the following year(s) for equal consideration. Like the famous outdoor clothing company, our motto is to basically give each candidate or nomination just “one shot.”

10) Approved candidates will be inducted at the annual WORHOF ceremony that will be announced at the WOR Racquetball Warehouse Championships.

11) The WORHOF committee is voluntary and shall include any Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame inductees, WORHOF selected members, the Chairman of WORHOF, the WOR Executive Director & WOR National Director and one or more WOR membership representatives (after year one).

12) The WORHOF Chairman, WOR Executive Director and WOR National Director can change the WORHOF committee as needed at any time with a two thirds vote provided that the general guidelines listed above relating to the committee membership remain. Any other changes to the specific qualifications listed here for the selection of WORHOF candidates will require a 2/3 majority vote and that vote shall be done exclusively by WORHOF committee members.

13) Before submitting your application, we ask that you please carefully review our current hall of fame inductees "bios" to see how to properly list and format each candidates’ racquetball accomplishments and top tournament wins by year in the proper format we require. Your review will also give you a true idea if the candidate is of the caliber that our committee is looking for--essentially the greatest players and contributors over time. Each inductees bio is listed at http://www.worldoutdoorracquetball.net/worhof/inductees/  and we ask that you use this format in putting together your application.  Without details similar to those of our current candidates bios, we will simply not have enough information to objectively decide or to ensure that the public who is viewing our nominations can clearly see why a person was inducted. Please try you best to be as thorough and detailed as you can so WORHOFF can process your application as complete.

On behalf of WORHOF, we sincerely welcome and appreciate your input and feedback and will objectively review all applications. Please send your completed World Outdoor Racquetball Hall of Fame application from August 1st to December 31st of any calendar year via these delivery methods:
a) email the completed application (below) to BrettElkins@WorldOutdoorRacquetball.net
b) by mail to:
Brett Elkins,
WORHOF Chairman c/o Comedy Traffic School
14526 Roscoe Blvd, Suite 218
Panorama City CA 91402.
c) by fax to Brett Elkins’ attention 818 341-0492 (must put attn. Brett Elkins)

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